Spatial temporal analysis of moving polygons in R.

The stampr package was developed to provide a set of tools for performing polygon movement analysis that would be easily accessed by researchers across a wide-range of disciplines through the statistical software R. R now provides a number of more advanced spatial analysis packages and we see the stampr package as contributing to this work. Please see the paper by Robertson et al. (2007) for more information on the STAMP analysis framework.

The goal of this website is to provide access to the stampr tools which Colin Robertson and I are developing. We hope that other researchers will find the stampr package useful in their own applications, and appreciate any and all feedback you may have concerning the stampr package.

Should you have any further questions please contact me via email: jed.long AT

Download stampr

The stampr package is now on CRAN!

Also, be sure to check out the documentation associated with the stampr package for more detailed instructions. I will hopefully have a vignette available soon.

Additional Information

The stampr package has been developed for use within the statistical software R. The functions rely heavily on the data structures and methods developed in the sp and rgeos spatial packages and I would like to thank the authors/contributors to these packages for all the work they have done facilitating spatial data analysis in R.


Robertson, C., Nelson, T.A., Boots, B., Wulder, M.A. (2007) STAMP: Spatial-temporal analysis of moving polygons. Journal of Geographical Systems. 9: 207-227.