Research Opportunities

I am actively seeking postgraduate students to join my lab in the Department of Geography at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada beginning September 2019. Specifically, I have the following funded project:

1. Funded MSc: Human mobility - Explore differences in travel behaviour between different employment types (traditional, self-employed, home-based business) using a large GPS tracking survey dataset collected as part of the WorkAndHome project. This project could explore:

I expect interested students students to have strong quantitative skills (e.g., statistics, GIS, spatial analysis) along with an ability to code (i.e., R or Python).


  1. Submit an up-to-date CV and example piece of work to me (jed.long AT ASAP.
  2. A chosen candidate will then be supported through the UWO Graduate Studies aplication process**.

This position will remain open until filled.

Further areas of interest where I would be interested in supervising postgraduate students: