My research involves using geographic information systems (GIS) and other spatial analysis techniques in the study of movement (e.g., using GPS tracking). Specifically, I am interested in developing and applying novel methods for spatial and space-time analysis. I am also interested in other research areas relating more broadly to GIScience; including spatial modelling, volunteered geographic information (and non-traditional data), and map comparison. Finally, as a huge sports fan, I am fascinated by ways spatial data and analysis can be used in sports analytics.

Recent Publications

Crawford, R.E., Long, J.A. Habitat preferences of juvenile Scottish ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) at stopover and wintering sites. Ringing and Migration. 32(1):1-18. Link

Le Roux, M., Redon, M., Archaux, F., Long, J., Vincent, S., Luque, S. (2017) Conservation planning with spatially explicit models: a case for horseshoe bats in complex mountain landscapes. Landscape Ecology. 32(5):1005-1021.Link

Damgaard, C., McCauley, D., Long, J.A. (2017) Assessing the energy justice implications of bioenergy development in Nepal. Energy, Sustainability and Society. 7:8. Link

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Sila-Nowicka, K., Demsar, U., Oshan, T., Vandrol, J., Long, J.A., Fotheringham, A.S. (2016) Analysis of human mobility from GPS trajectories and contextual information. International Journal of Geographical Information Science. 30(5): 891-906.Link